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Pro Lacrosse Player Takes A Shot To The Face After Getting His Helmet Punched Off

Zack Greer was one of the most prolific college lacrosse attackmen over the past decade. And there have been a shit ton of incredible attackmen over that time span. He was a 4-time All American at Duke and then put Bryant lacrosse on the map during his 5th year of eligibility he was granted by the NCAA after Duke’s little scandal that you may or may not remember. Anyway, as impressive as Zack Greer’s career has been, I don’t think that anything is more impressive than this moment here when he takes a shot right to the grill after getting his helmet literally punched off of his head out of nowhere. And the guy just eats it.


Gets a bit of a fat lip but that’s it. Throws a wet cloth on there and gets his ass right back in the game. And this just goes to show you that box lacrosse dudes are some of the craziest sons of bitches on the planet. Most of the time they’re just a bunch of Canadians and/or Native Americans that are too stupid to even feel pain. But the game is ridiculous. It’s fast-paced, it’s entertaining, it’s physical as fuck and there’s non-stop action. Whether it’s guys like Zack Greer scoring incredible goals, or guys like Zack Greer getting in fights or guys like Zack Greer taking a shot to the face without a helmet on. There’s a little bit of something for everyone out there. It just sucks that there are teams in the NLL now like the Saskatchewan Rush and not the Philadelphia Wings anymore.

Again, box lacrosse is fucking nuts.