Lesbians Touched A Guy's Penis For The First Time On Video, Welcome To 2016


I feel like every time I blog one of these “Put people in an empty studio, have them admit or do weird things” viral videos, I’m compelled to point out how they get more and more outlandish. First people just admitted weird things, then it was dads reading their daughters’ texts to guys, then girlfriends seeing each other naked, and now here we are with lesbian women touching guys’ dicks for the first time on a YouTube video. Notice a trend? Basically every idea has been done at this point so in order to keep getting people to watch these videos, they have to keep upping the ante and upping the ante and what’s left? Just straight up porn. And frankly, not a bad porn concept. I didn’t find any of these girls particularly attractive but you bet your ass if I were in the mood for something fresh I’d plunk down $9.99 for a one month trial membership to see what happens next. Bad sign for modern Internet content, great sign for unexpected boners from things trending on your Facebook feed.


Also I don’t care how hot of an idea being involved in some lesbians experiencing their first penis would be, this examination thing that happened here seems like a situation I would not want to be a part of:


Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 4.09.46 PM


A chick I’m dating going eye to eye down there with bright studio lights on is enough of a stretch. But being a part of some lesbian chick’s potentially traumatic experience as she counts the veins on the undercarriage of your dong seems like the most cringeworthy situation I can imagine for my poor dick. And that’s saying a lot.


(via Hellou)