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Reports: Mike Shanahan Reached Out To The Eagles, Giants Show Intrest In Chip, Sam Bradford Hates Philly

Perer King’s MMQB – “Bradford won’t be motivated to return to Philadelphia over any other team now that free agency looms. His agent, Tom Condon, is a get-the-most-you-can-regardless-of-team guy, and Bradford isn’t crazy about Philadelphia the city anyway. He probably wishes there was a team in his favorite place, Oklahoma City. And who’s to say the next coach—current offensive coordinators Adam Gase of Chicago and Doug Pederson of Kansas City are popular early names—will want Bradford at $18 million a year or more?”

Well fuck, fucker, and FUCKIEST.

It would be bad for the Eagles to hire the washed up Shanahan who, like Chip reportedly just did with the 49ers, reached out to the Birds about the vacant coaching position. Shanahan looked lost and disinterested during his final days in Washington. Even worse for him, it looked like the game simply passed him by. I guess that’s what happens when you win 2 SB’s with Elway, Terrell Davis, Shannon Sharpe and then allow RGIII to play on a shattered wheel because that was your only chance to win.

Onto the fuckier – For the record, I think it’s doubtful Chip will win a Super Bowl as a head coach in the NFL. Did I want the Eagles to fire him? Hell no, but that had more to do with unfinished business and cutting the cord too early. You gotta give the man one more year after hitching your entire wagon to his balls. But IF Chip goes to the Giants and someway, somehow wins – May God have mercy on us all. Just go play with your toys down in Tenn and leave us alone.

The Bradford thing, if true, just sucks. Plain and simple. Just give us a chance, man. We ain’t that bad. Unlike Chip, I think Bradford has an excellent chance of winning if he’s put in the right situation. It’s a damn shame it’ll have to be wherever the money takes him. But if he goes to, say, Houston and QB guru Bill O’Brien taps Sammy’s healthy sac – Look out. All Bradford needs is someone to help develop his uncharted potential and he’s got franchise QB written all over him.