The 6-10 Chicago Bears Were A Success



I know that on the surface the statement, the 6-10 Chicago Bears were a success sounds like loser talk and pathetic but success is always relative and that’s exactly what the 2015 Chicago Bears were, a success. Obviously you can point to a million little things that didn’t work out. The Bears squandered winnable games in December (becoming a calling card), Alshon Jeffery couldn’t stay on the field for long enough to be the impact guy the Bears need, and the Offensive line and Defensive everything still have enormous talent holes that need to be filled, oh and they went 1-7 at home which is pretty damn difficult to do for a 6 win team. But the point remains, this year everything started to move back into the right direction. We found young talent on the roster, a coaching staff that is very capable, and a rejuvenation of Jay Cutler. If you had told me all those things would happen at the beginning of the year I’d be thrilled. The hard work is still in front of this team, Ryan Pace desperately needs to hit a home run draft, something that has happened for this franchise in about a decade, but the arrow is pointing up.


Think about where we were a year ago this exact time. Trestman had shredded this franchise, everyone hated each other and Halas Hall was as toxic a building in the entire NFL. Now? The Bears have hope and a future and a foundation. Oh and most importantly, they kept the Packers from winning the NFC North with the victory on Thanksgiving Night. If you don’t think I’m holding on to that for a while then you don’t know me very well. Now on to the draft, hate not being in the playoffs yet again but we are officially out of rock bottom, the darkest roads have been traveled, Bear Down