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Dr. Zizmor From Subway Advertising Fame Has Retired


NYDNNew York’s don of dermatology has called it a career. Dr. Jonathan Zizmor, 70, who ran campy subway ads encouraging cosmetic procedures, has retired and shut down his Manhattan office, the Daily News has learned. “The Zizmors love to travel and have many social interests, hobbies, and friends,” said the couple’s realtor, Sandra Waibel. “At the end of the day, they are just like the rest of us.” Zizmor began running the kitschy rainbow ads in the early 1980s. “I got a lot of heat when I started,” he told Business Insider in 2009. “No one was on the subway. No one was even advertising.” Early on, his Manhattan office was filled with rich women seeking acid peels and other skin fixes. “I was getting all my fancy-schmancy people, but I wanted to see the rest of the world,” Zizmor told the site. The subway icon has been attempting to sell his mansion in the Bronx for the past three years. The Mediterranean Revival home in the enclave of Fieldston was recently listed again for $3.075 million. Zizmor initially had grand plans for the home. “This is going to sound weird, but we want to use it for world peace,” he told the New Yorker in 2003. “We are going to invite people who hate each other, and they will spend a weekend together.” Zizmor, who turned down a cameo on “30 Rock,” now spends his time studying the Talmud, according to a close family member. “Because they are very giving people” Waibel said, “I am sure it is only a matter of time before they are involved in their next charitable project.”

Salute! A New York City Legend is hanging em up. This guy deserves a send off like Jeter and Rivera. Dude should get a fucking parade and open up the stock exchange. He’s a King of this town. Right up there with Francesa and Eli Manning and all the other New York Untouchables.

30 years he’s been treating the skells of society. You know how disgusting it is to willingly go down underground in New York City, pick out the people that ride the subway, and say “I want to treat your skin.” Thats fucking repulsive. But dude made a fucking killing of the disgusting creatures of New York City. He’s a hustler baby. He aint flashy. He aint glitzy and glamorous. Popping pimples of the grossest New York City had to offer and laughing all the way to the bank off them. 30 years of being ingrained into the brains of every commuter in this city. The GOAT of Dermatology. ReZpect, Zizmor. ReZpect.

And so now the Bunion Doctors are left alone to rule the subway advertising realm.

PS – What in the fuck kind of retirement plans does Zizmore have? Invite rivals that hate each other to your mansion to spend a weekend together? One can only hope that Zizmore is low key into some Fight Club sorta stuff. Some Most Dangerous Game shit. Invite people to this mansion and have them battle to the death for their entertainment.