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NYC Subway Rats Have Given Up On Pizza, Are Now Eating Each Other

Everyone is talking about cannibal rats eating each other in the tunnels of the subway. Pizza wasnt enough for the vermin of Manhattan and now they’ve acquired the taste of rodent flesh. NYC Rats eating their family members. Etc etc. All the cannibal rat hot takes you can imagine.

Well I dont know what kind of scumbag you are if you watch this video and you immediately assume cannibalism. Band of Brothers…you should rent it some time. This is clearly a rat just tryna get his boy to safety. Maybe he’s even dead and he’s trying to get him home so the homies can pay their respects. Its a dangerous life out there for a subway rat. Dodging millions of commuters and speeding trains. Living in the flooded tunnels every time it rains. Never know when your next meal is gonna come. Fighting rival rats for that last slice of pizza. Thats probably exactly what happened to this dude. He gave up his life fighting for a 2 Bros Dollar Slice. An honorable death for a subway rat. 2 rats enter, 1 rat leaves. With a slice of pizza. The other died trying to get some food for his family and he deserves a dignified death. So his bro comes and drags his dead carcass down the steps and he waddles his ass backwards into the dark abyss with his buddy in tow. Its actually a pretty touching scene as far as disgusting, dead, disease ridden rodents go.