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Giants Season & Most Likely The Coughlin Era Comes To A Close With Loss To Eagles

Kinda fitting, really. Not that the game mattered. The loss actually keeps the Giants in the top-10 for the draft and out of Seattle to play the Seahawks next year. Still, the Eagles kept Tom Coughlin’s reign as Giants coach from being even better than it was. Makes sense his Big Blue book is potentially closed with one more L to Philly.
So ends another season of torment & begins perhaps the biggest turnover from top to bottom. Tom Coughlin was the least of this franchise’s problems so if they’re gonna move on, they gotta do the same with a lot of other familiar faces. Reese, JPP, Prince, Randle are a few of the names that may/should/will go – but the bigger question is how the G-Men fill the holes.
Who will rebuild the talent if Reese goes? Who’s gonna call the shots on the sidelines if not TC? What new blood comes to fill the cleats of players lost? I’ll worry about that later. For now, honestly, thank God this season is over. I feel like I just had a straight jacket taken off & it feels kinda good. Sorry it had to end like this, Tom.