Do I look Nervous?


I saw a lot of grumblings today about how the Pats are doomed heading into the playoffs. About how bad the offense has looked for the past month. How we can’t win in Denver. I have a question. Are people idiots? This team basically played with 1 hand tied behind their backs the last 2 months. They didn’t even try in the first half today. The past 2 months has literally been just about getting through the regular season in one piece. Waiting for Edelman and company to come back. I don’t care that we looked like crap today. I don’t care that we’ve looked like crap for a month. I don’t care that we’ve lost to some of the worst teams in the league. I don’t care that we lost homefield advantage. What I do care about is that Brady almost died today. If he didn’t get up from this then I would be scared.

But he’s fine and we’re fine. The real football is about to begin and all the guys we need to be on the field will be there and accounted for. Anybody who is judging this team on what they’ve seen the last 2 months is a fool. We are going to steam roll our way to San Francisco and the will have a war on our hands in Superbowl 50 regardless of who we play there. Nothing has changed. The only thing that changed was our strategy the last few weeks. Buckle up everybody because the preseason is over. It’s big boy football now. It’s Patriot football.