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What Is The Statue Of Limitations On Complaining About Rice Pilaf At Legal Seafoods


So I went out to dinner with my parents on Saturday. I don’t even know how this story came up but it did. Apparently my parents went to Legal Seafoods a couple weeks ago. My dad ordered a meal that came with rice pilaf. When it arrived it had white rice instead of the pilaf. My dad didn’t say anything in real time because they were with a couple they didn’t know that well and didn’t want to make a scene sending back food and complaining. Fine, okay. Well according to my mother he wouldn’t shut up about it for the next 3 days. “How dare they not give me rice pilaf! I wouldn’t be mad if they just told me they ran out instead of not saying anything at all” It’s just not right to switch white rice with rice pilaf and expect to get away with it!” And on and on it went till my mother actually called 3 days after the dinner to launch a formal complaint. Think about that for a second. Put yourself in the person who answered the phone from Legal Seafoods shoes.

“Hi my husband ordered the scrod 3 days ago and it was supposed to come with Rice Pilaf but showed up with white rice instead and he’s very upset still. It’s shaken him to the core”

It’s not that funny but at the same time one of the most outrageous complaints I’ve ever heard.  Listen you need to complain in real time if you’re gonna complain. You can’t sit on a rice pilaf complaint for 72 hours before demanding justice. It’s literally insane. So insane that Legal Seafoods didn’t even argue. They just sent a gift card to my parents. That’s the only way you can handle this if you’re them. Like you don’t tug on supermans cape, you don’t spit into the wind and you don’t argue with people who are still mad about mishandled rice pilaf orders 3 days after the fact. You just give em what they want and move on.

PS – I once told my parents they are like Jerry’s parents in Seinfeld and my dad took it as a real insult. But this just proves it. I could totally picture Morty Seinfeld freaking out about rice pilaf mishaps at Boca Vista #2.