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Hey Did You Guys See When The Stanford Band Made Fun Of Iowa? Shit Was Hilarious




Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 12.37.22 PM



LOL type stuff right here. A real knee slapper. I must’ve missed this because I was laughing so hard. Or I missed it because all I know about the Stanford band is they’re known for running around during halftime like a bunch of whacked out hippies and it’s impossible to make sense of it. Still, A+ stuff from them.  SNL, Second City, Stanford band.  These are the great comedy institutions of our time.  The Stanford band bringing out a cow and trolling the fuck out of Iowa is classic. Get it? Because Iowa has farms.  I will say this, what makes it even worse is that Iowa was getting trounced 35-0 when they did it. So it’s not like the fans could say shit. They just booed and booed and booed. But again, that’s just good ol’ fashioned comedy from the Stanford band. Great stuff. Stuff any age demographic can love.



h/t David Portnoy’s Dad