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Another Case Of "Guy On Bike Is Almost Hit By Guy Driving a Car"...Do People On Bikes Not Realize We Don't Want To Hit Them?


I don’t get how anyone can take the cyclist’s side here. The guy driving the car had to get over to park. I saw his blinker on– how did the guy on the bike not see it and let the guy over to park? I’m so confused how anyone is taking the cyclist’s side here. Do people who ride bikes realize they scare us car drivers shitless? Passing a guy on a bike gives me anxiety. You just never know when they will last second have to swerve and next thing you know you killed a man. We fucking hate you guys, the last thing that guy driving his wife’s mini van wanted to do was hit someone. That’s why he got out and yelled, it’s fucking annoying that these bike people think their shit doesn’t stink and we real people who drive cars have to put up with almost killing those hippies on an every day basis. Imagine him going home and having to explain that he couldn’t pick up the kids from soccer practice because a bicyclist wouldn’t let him park?

I just rewatched it again. Still don’t get how the guy on the bike didn’t just slow down and let him over and how he thinks he’s in the right. STEP AWAY FROM MY PROPERTY SIR. Shut up. Just shut up and pedal away.