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#7 2 Bruins Fans Get In Fight On Subway Because 1 Guy Wouldn’t Do A Somersault Off




All things considered this may be the most ridiculous headline of all time. 2 Bruins fans getting in a fight on the subway because the bigger guy refused to get in a somersault off, but that’s exactly what happened. The little guy did a somersault and the big guy must have critiqued it and then the little guy challenged him to do his own somersault and he wouldn’t do it. So naturally the little guy got in his face and started touching his coat. Honestly the little guy had this coming. I don’t even know what he was doing. He wanted a somersault off so bad he lost touch with reality. You can’t keep touching his shit expecting not to get punched in the face. It doesn’t matter that John is twice his size like his girlfriend kept saying. He was provoked by the somersault kid plain and simple.’

PS – I’m gonna be so mad when this is on and NESN and the rest of the internet and nobody says it’s from us. A stoolie shot this and sent us this. (Thanks Eric) It has 8 views. Let’s get ready to watch the internet in action.