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Jeffrey Lurie Has Nobody To Blame But Himself For This Unmitigated Eagles Disaster

Jeffrey Lurie fought HARD and paid megabucks to bring Chip on board (with Howie Roseman as GM) in 2013. Jeffrey Lurie gave Chip full control over everything, including Roseman, after the 2014 season. Jeffrey Lurie fired Chip and reinstated Howie with one game to go in the 2015 season. There is no other way to put it, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie needs to take full responsibility over this mess.

Sure, I think a coach who has won at every level, including the NFL with two straight 10-win seasons, deserves another year AFTER GETTING THE FREAKING KEYS TO THE ENTIRE FRANCHISE. Again, what would’ve happened if Robert Kraft gave Big Bill the ol’ heave ho after going 5-11 in his first year with the Pats (in which he had almost complete control)? This shit takes time. I don’t really want to get into what went down because it’s all conjecture at this point. Did Lurie ask Chip to relinquish his player personnel responsibilities? Did Chip lose the entire locker room? Did Lurie catch his wife trying to manually inflate Chip’s collapsed testicles like goddamn floaties? I don’t know, and honestly, I don’t really care. We’ll get all the PC, run-around answers at 12:30 when the owner takes the mic for a press diddy. All we have to look forward now is the future and maybe, just maybe, become a winning franchise again.

It’s sad, really. After this situation I can guarantee whoever they bring in as head coach will be the safest, most ho-hum hire of all-time. A Jim Caldwell-like man who will look OK from afar but far from OK. Shit, there’s rumors of Lurie dying to bring back Sean McDermitt (who I admit is having a great run in Carolina as DC, but give my grandmother the best CB and LB in the game she’ll coach that defense to a championship). If you don’t recall, McDermitt was here for a decade before being forced to fill Jimmy Johnson’s HUGE (deceased) nuts. Of course he didn’t live up to expectations with a shit “Dream Team” roster he was given. BUT, that still didn’t excuse Jeffrey Lurie for letting Andy Reid firing McDermitt IN FAVOR OF HIS GOD DAMN OFFENSIVE LINE COACH TO TAKE OVER THE DEFENSE. Please don’t get your “Company Man”, Jeff. It won’t work out.

Honestly, and I know it’s early and all speculation, but I’ll take a Sean Payton/Sam Bradford combo in a nanosecond. The Saints coach may have run his course in The Big Easy and has been in Philly before. He also made Drew Brees into a HOF QB after years of injuries and mediocrity, but potential. A very familiar situation with Bradford. Other than that, I’d take a run at Josh McDaniels, too – Assuming Bradford stays. McDaniels was with Sammy his rookie of the year season and they looked swell together. Also, Josh went a little hardo power hungry in Denver and hopefully, like Chip will, learn his lesson about player personnel (still can’t bring back Tebow, though). I’d also like to take a look at Adam Gase or that bearded maniac of a DC Patricia up in NE. The head coach is one thing, but more importantly the Eagles NEED to hire a top of the tits GM and talent evaluate. Howie had his time to shine and he ain’t the answer. Obviously Ozzie Newsome’s, Bill Polian’s and Bill Belicheck’s don’t grow on trees, but there has to be someone out there who hasn’t been picked yet.

GM – HC – QB. Can’t Philly have these three nice things for once? Of course not. But, dammit, too much of my happiness is already determined by this billion dollar organization who couldn’t give a flea fuck about me personally. I’m not giving up.