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#26 Cameraman Takes Out Usain Bolt With His Segway



Come on man, shut your kids up for one second while you’re making a video. Be a professional.


1 Job cameraman, 1 job. Don’t injure the world’s fastest man by ramming a Segway directly into the back of his legs. That’s it. I guess you need to also get the dizzying shot where you follow the athlete around the stadium while he’s draped in a flag, but none of that works if the athlete isn’t an athlete anymore because you took him out at the knees with your little robot walker. Watching it in the reverse angle I’m actually shocked Usain Bolt didn’t get badly injured. I sprain my ankle every time someone accidentally flat tires the back of my shoes, can’t imagine what would happen if an entire Segway went barreling into my legs.


“I’m so fucked”

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 8.44.31 AM