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#29 An Oklahoma News Report Featuring A Dude Named Sir John Michael You Got To See To Believe – Oklahoma City, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports |




Am I on acid? Is that what just happened there? Or is Sir John Michael a real person? Was that news report even remotely real? Was that Oklahoma news reporter chick wearing straight leather real?  Is her name really Jolene?  Did she and Sir John Michael have the craziest sex of all time after this interview was over?  Seriously I legit thought there was sexual tension. And how about the fact that Sir John Michael had nothing to do with the marijuana in the first place? I mean talk about burying the lede. They barely even showed the guy who got arrested. How pissed is he? Dude is just minding his own business growing some pot and Sir John Michael keeps getting the cops called over his house ranting and raving about how when life gives you lemons, fuck life. Bro what are you so mad about? You’re living rent free in a school bus, probably gonna plow this reporter and are going viral.  Everything is coming up Sir John Michael.  Meanwhile your landlord is in the clink.  Hey Oklahoma…never change.