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#39 Seahawks Fan Runs Through His TV After Patriots Interception


Absolutely fucking AWESOME. Feits blogged this earlier but the video got pulled and its such an incredible Super Bowl reaction moment I had to make sure everyone sees it. This is EXACTLY how I felt last night. Such confusion and outrage and then just helplessness wondering why Pete Carroll and the Seahawks did what they did. If I had the balls I would have run through my TV but instead I just hopped on my smart phone and yelled a bunch of words on twitter. Part of me sometimes wishes I was living in a little shack with one of those 900 pound big screen TVs from like 1998 and I had enough rage to go Beast Mode on my own shit. I mean forget about Marshawn, I think THIS dude could have scored from the 1. Dont throw a pass from the goaline when you have a hillbilly who can run through a TV like its a piece of paper.