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#38 Andy Murray Breaks Every Bro Code In The Book By Saying On Live TV That His Teammate Has A Side Chick


Ohhhhhhh it was all a joke? All friendly banter between you and Andy Murray?  Don’t worry, Dom.  We believe.  Of course it was a joke.  No way you have a side chick.  No way whatsoever.  You’re not that kind of guy.  You love your girlfriend too much to go sneaking around on her.  And you know what?  Dom isn’t even smart enough to sneak around.  He’d be caught the minute he started.  Not to mention the only thing he talks about is his girlfriend and how much he loves her and misses her when they’re touring.  So hey, if Dom Inglot’s girlfriend is reading this, you don’t have anything to worry about.  Dom’s a great guy.  A GREAT guy.

(Jesus, Murray.  What the fuck man?  Blow up your dude’s spot a little more why don’t you.  Just set the Bro Code book ablaze right on national TV.  Of course he has a side chick.  You’d be hard pressed to find an athlete who doesn’t have one.  The difference?  Their teammates aren’t blabbing about on TV during interviews.  That’s the quickest way to get excommunicated from your circle of friends.)

PS- That chick’s laugh is what nightmares are made of.  Stop.  Just stop.

Double PS- Let’s assume for a second it was a joke (it wasn’t, dude has a side chick).  Even if he doesn’t have a side chick, he still has a MESS to clean up when he gets home.  It might be even worse if it was just a joke.  That would mean he’s not getting sex from his side chick because she doesn’t exist and now his real girlfriend thinks he’s cheating on him.  Might be better to just have a side chick if your girlfriend already thinks you have one.  If that makes sense.