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Polish Goalie Scores One Of The Most Embarrassing Own Goal In Hockey History

What a snipe. Haven’t seen a goalie put a puck in the net that well since Russ Tyler in that Iceland game*. Let’s take one more look at it just to admire that goal in all its glory.

Almost a shame that this Polish team is wasting all of David Zabolotny’s talents in between the pipes. Because what I see here is a goal scorer’s goal. Some guys just have a knack for putting the puck in the back of the net. Some guys just know how to put themselves in the right position out there on the ice where they’re gonna rack up numbers. And that’s what we have here in David Zabolotny. While a bunch of kids are over in Helsinki right now making a name for themselves playing in the World Juniors, David Zabolotny is in Poland making one for himself as well. If Ilya Bryzgalov can score himself a 9 year/$51 million contract in the NHL by being a total putz in the net, then I don’t see any reason why Zabolotny can’t do the same thing.

* Listen. I love the Mighty Ducks trilogy more than anybody else on this planet. That’s a fact. But even I will never be able to explain how Russ Tyler was able to suit up in all of Goldberg’s pads in just the time it took for a timeout. Because not only did he only have like a minute (two minutes tops) to work with for Goldberg to get his pads off and Russ Tyler to put the pads on, but they also would have had to go to the locker room or something so that Team Iceland wouldn’t notice the switch. It just doesn’t add up and I’m sorry, but I like my fictional Disney hockey movies to make at least a little sense.

h/t @HockeyWebCast