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#44 Fan Tosses UVA Goalie A Beer, He Chugs It On The Ice, Gets Kicked Out Of Game


This is a clip from my nephew’s college game (UVA vs. VCU). This was the scene just after the second intermission, with UVA leading 7-0 when a fan threw him a beer. UVA started the 3rd period with a 5 minute major and an ejection.

UVA Hockey - Jake Anderson had a shutout through two periods until he was disqualified for consuming an alcoholic beverage on the ice. This selfish act drew eerie parallels to the maturity of a middle schooler desperate for attention from his crush and led to a five minute major penalty to begin the third period, which Virginia killed off successfully. Tommy Graber finished the game in net and did so admirably, only allowing one goal in the final frame.

Wait, DQ’ed from the game? Umm this is club hockey right? Like this isn’t the finals of the Frozen Four we’re talking about here, it’s Virginia vs. VCU club hockey? Unreal that the pussification of college sports has become so pervasive that we’re kicking club hockey players out of games for “consuming alcoholic beverages.” Simply unreal. I mean if you ask me in all honesty I think if you’re pitching a 7-0 shutout through 2 periods you deserve to shotgun a beer on the ice during intermission at any level, from pee wee to the NHL. But you should ESPECIALLY be allowed to slam a brew if you’re playing club fucking hockey. Grow up losers, this is basically the whole reason club hockey was invented.