#45 Little Kid Pimping The Hell Out Of A Wiffle Ball Home Run Has Taken Over The Internet


First of all that was an absolutely perfect swing. Honestly haven’t seen a swing that sweet and pure and mechanically perfect since my own.

But obviously the star of the show is the home run pimping.

Not gonna lie – skeet shooting your own homer then walking off with a bat flip that would make Puig jealous is pretty bad ass. Definitely had the little 4 year old honies in the crowd giggling and whispering to each other fighting over who is gonna ask for his cell number first. So what if the next kid up in the lineup is 100% taking a plastic fastball directly to the ear hole? Who cares if next time you’re up the Brian McCann of Kindergarten is going to confront you at the plate for not respecting the game? Bench clearing brawls build team chemistry. Better to learn that at a young age.