#47 Check Out The Butt On This Mexican Weather Girl

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God bless Mexican weather girls. I dont know of any other Mexican weather girls but I guarantee there’s at least 4 or 5 more just like this because this is how Mexico and all the Spanish countries do it. Churn these things out like a factory. Mass produced. Meanwhile we have weird skinny fat turtle lookin motherfuckers like Al Roker giving us the weather. I guess Chris Wragge is a good looking guy and Lonnie Quinn has plenty of sex appeal so the ladies might be happy. But the fellas up here in the good old US of A need something like Yanet Garcia. The fucking Mexicans probably dont even appreciate her. They probably actually listen to her weather forecast and dont even notice that ass. Like I said, they’re spoiled. Come up to America and you’ll be a super star babe. At the very least get some offers to do porn.

PS – The fact that there were picture-in-picture jpegs of this girl and her zoomed in ass already on Reddit is incredible. The internet is a wonder.