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Why Is Everyone So Quick To Say Peyton Manning Is Guilty When None Of The Facts Have Been Released?

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Can I ask a dumb question? What country do we live in? It’s still America right? Innocent until proven guilty right? So why the hell is the whole world saying Peyton Manning is guilty of using Steroids when all the facts haven’t been presented? Oh because a single tweet said some HGH was delivered to his house? Is that what we’re going off of here? Disgusting. Peyton Manning has never cheated, he’s never done anything wrong in his entire career besides having a laser rocket arm and steal a Super Bowl from Rex Grossman. That’s the list of transgressions, and now all of a sudden everyone is ready to say he’s guilty because his wife had some HGH delivered to their house. His wife, not Peyton, his wife! Show me a text message where his wife says “Hey Pey, you can have some of my HGH if you want” to which he replies “Thanks, juicer” and maybe I’ll believe this story that he was using and abusing, otherwise I’m not buying it.



Here’s what I will do though, I’m going to sit here and wait. I’m going to wait until the NFL and Roger Goodell tell me what’s going on, because if they don’t act quickly that probably means nothing illegal was done here. He is the Commissioner after all, and I trust him. I trust that he has the league, player’s safety, and fans in his best interest. So if Peyton Manning did HGH I’m sure we will find out eventually, and if he didn’t well then that’s probably why the league has yet to act. Sorry if I don’t want a Super Bowl winning quarterback’s legacy ruined over one minor scandal when none of the facts have been brought to light yet. That would be unfair and unjust, not gonna do it. Not me. Not this guy, not this American.



I leave you with a couple of things to think about, to educate yourself on this so called “scandal”/witch hunt. This tweet from Mort detailing the statement from the Guyer Clinic.



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Seems pretty innocent to me.



Bob Kravitz had a great column and correctly used the word “IF” because right now we know nothing.


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Handled it like a pro, you can read it here.


Bill Polian says he believes Peyton and he’s just the most respected GM of all time, nbd.


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And finally Greg Doyel says he believes Peyton Manning which is both brave and correct.


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