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#51 Soccer Fan Attacks Rival Team’s Player With A Flying Leg Kick During The Post Game Interview


These are the times I wish I lived in a poor country. You see this video? This is true fandom. I bet this shit happens ALL the time. Forget tweeting at Lebron  and having him never even know who I am. That shit is lame. I want to be able to take the man’s approach to my hatred. I’m talking flying leg kicks when Lebron isn’t looking and then quickly running away before he can retaliate. That’s how you do sports. Well done whatever Spanish country this is, well done.


I love that in third world countries you can still frost your tips and not be made fun of. Like they’re all stuck in the late 90’s or something. Just wait until they find out Air Force Ones, FUBU, and Britney Spears. Shit is going to be poppin’