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#73 Chris Paul Screaming at DeAndre Jordan To Shoot The Ball Is One Of The Funniest Clips In a Long Time

Absolutely hilarious. DeAndre Jordan with his 2k awareness turned down to 0. In his defense he heard a buzzer, but didn’t realize that was the shot clock. Meanwhile poor Chris Paul is jumping up and down like a mad man trying to get him to just dunk the fucking ball. You can just feel the frustration pouring out of his body as he looks at big dummy DeAndre standing there without a clue in the world. It’s like DeAndre was standing there all proud of himself, like “look ma, I got the basketball! I did it!” While everyone else is like “motherfucker SHOOOOOOOOOOT”

Of course the Clips then go on to lose the game. Chris Paul is never going to talk to DJ again. Taking him off the Christmas card list, won’t text him on Thanksgiving, nothing.