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#74 Groomsmen Enter Wedding Reception With A Perfectly Executed Stone Cold Stunner


Perfect. Thats how you take a bump. The big dude sold that Stunner like a pro. Both of them did. On a hardwood floor at a formal event, thats no joke. If you dont take a Stunner the right way you’re walking away with a broken windpipe. Like Vince McMahon. Dude was TERRIBLE at taking Stunners:


Vince got the Stunner like twice a week for 5 straight years and each and every time I think he took that hit directly on the trachea. So I tip my cap to these Groomsmen. They moved as one unit. Text book execution.

And an additional tip of the cap for an original Wedding Reception entrance. I dread those. Its like the same thing as doing karaoke. You’re either funny up there or you bomb. And theres so much pressure and no good ideas left. Just the worst. I play it safe and just go with a generic dance twirl. But if you can come out to a WWF Finisher move, you gotta do it. The bar has been set by these guys. I either need a Tombstone or the Peoples Elbow next.


PS- Funniest prank call of all time