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#75 Afroman Absolutely CLUNKS A Lady On Stage During Performance, Continues To Jam Out


BILOXI — The rap artist Afroman was arrested on a simple assault charge Tuesday after he reportedly punched a woman who jumped on stage during his concert at the Kress Live music venue. Biloxi Police Chief John Miller said Afroman, 40, whose real name is Joseph Edgar Foreman, was placed under citizen’s arrest and later released after posting a $330 bond at police headquarters. “My understanding is (the woman) got up on stage, and he hit her,” Miller said. Videos taken by concertgoers show a woman wandering on stage and dancing near Afroman’s back. It appears he feels someone behind him, stops playing his guitar, turns around and punches her. The punch knocks her down, but she regains her feet as a man jumps onstage and accompanies her down the steps of the stage.

“I decapitated a woman on stage, cause I got high.”

Well, that was certainly a wallop and a half for no good reason. Afroman should be glad people still know he’s alive let alone go to his concerts and want to chill out on stage with him. I’m still torn on the greatest part about the video: The swing, the jam out after like nothing happened, or the whipped boyfriend who hopped up on stage and instantly knew he couldn’t mess. NOPE.