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Warren Buffett's Secret To Being Rich and Living Forever? "I eat like a six-year-old" And Drinks At Least 5 Cokes Every Day

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Fortune - How does the world’s top investor, at 84 years old, wake up every day and face the world with boundless energy? “I’m one quarter Coca-Cola,” Warren Buffett says. When he told me this in a phone call yesterday (we were talking about the death of his friend, former Coca-Cola president Don Keough), I assumed he was talking about his stock portfolio. No, Buffett explained, “If I eat 2700 calories a day, a quarter of that is Coca-Cola. I drink at least five 12-ounce servings. I do it everyday.” When he’s at his desk at Berkshire Hathaway headquarters in Omaha, he drinks regular Coke; at home, he treats himself to Cherry Coke. “I’ll have one at breakfast,” he explains, noting that he loves to drink Coke with potato sticks. What brand of potato sticks? “I have a can right here,” he says. “U-T-Z”. Investors in Berkshire Hathaway may feel relieved that the CEO isn’t addicted to Utz Potato Stix at every breakfast. “This morning, I had a bowl of chocolate chip ice cream,” Buffett says. Asked to explain the high-sugar, high-salt diet that has somehow enabled him to remain seemingly healthy, Buffett replies: “I checked the actuarial tables, and the lowest death rate is among six-year-olds. So I decided to eat like a six-year-old.” The octogenarian adds, “It’s the safest course I can take.”


HAH! In your face everyone who makes fun of me for eating nonstop fast food. In your stupid faces! Because if you know anything about how logic works, Warren Buffett eating like a 6 year old means I’m going to be extremely rich extremely soon. Is it a coincidence that I have recently opened an IRA and it’s up 2% this year? NOPE. Natey Buffett coming in hot! What should I name my boat? Just kidding, make that plural- boats. My fleet. And it all makes sense now— that time I ate Taco Bell breakfast every day for a week I legit got sick for about a month straight after that. I assume that was just my body adjusting to the wealthy life. Every change you make takes time to get used to. Like when you start going to the gym and your body aches every morning and your shit schedule is all out of whack. Same thing for eating every meal at the Bell. That sickness was just my evolution into being a billionaire.