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McDonald's Killing Its Dollar Menu For The New McPick 2 Menu Is Straight Up Un-American


USA TODAY- McDonald’s is hoping that its soon-to-be launched “McPick 2″ deal will help it gain ground with value-conscious customers who have no shortage of options in the fast-food market.

Starting Jan. 4, the company will launch its McPick 2 menu, which will allow customers of the Golden Arches to choose two of the following items for $2: McChicken, McDouble, mozzarella sticks, and small french fries. (The mozzarella sticks are a new item for McDonald’s that the company began selling nationally last week.)

With rivals Wendy’s offering customers a four-item meal for $4 and Burger King heavily promoting 10 chicken nuggets for $1.49, the nation’s biggest fast food chain is turning its attention to customers that McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook says his company has mistakenly ignored.  


Hey Ronald McDonald, what the hell man?  Your reign on top of the fast food game has been a long one because of this very fragile relationship between yourself and the American people.  You deliver tasty, cheap food that is absolutely terrible for us and we agree to keep buying it even if that food is no longer edible once it gets cold.  Add in the best fries and Sweet & Sour Sauce in the game and we had a very good, albeit unhealthy thing going.  But pulling The Dollar Menu for some bastardization where you are forced to buy two items for $2 is hogwash.  Think about the college kids.  Think about the fat people that just want that little extra something to their meal.  Think about that redhead that is taking your customers one by one with four piece nuggets and Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers while also becoming sexier after I have seen her 1,000 times on an NFL Sunday.


Not gonna lie, that pic kinda made it move 

I was willing to overlook you butchering mozzarella sticks in the name of cheap food.  I don’t mind ignoring that the insides of a McChicken looking more like pencil shavings than meat because we’ve been through a lot together.  I can even look past you pussying out and taking Supersize off of the menu just because the nuggets and Chicken Selects were on point.  But I am not just going to sit here and watch you pull this tomfoolery in silence.  It is bullshit, Ronald.  I know it.  The reader of this blog knows it.  And the entire U.S. or A knows it.  Good day sir.