The Peyton Manning HGH Story Has Nothing To Do With Peyton Manning.



I pretty much already said this when this story first broke, but I just want to clarify it again. This story is not about whether Peyton Manning used HGH. I mean I’m pretty sure he did, but I don’t really care. I don’t care how strongly he denies the allegations or calls the informant a slapstick it’s pretty fucking weird to basically admit your wife is receiving HGH in the mail, but it’s none of his business why she wants it or how she uses it. And if Peyton is so freaking mad how about suing for defamation instated of just complaining about defamation? Oh right he said he’s just going to go throw the football harder. Hmm interesting.

But again that’s neither here nor there. This story is all about the way the media is treating him vs. Brady and Deflategate. I mean literally every single member of the media is fighting over each other to defend Peyton right now. Talking about being innocent until proven guilty and I just believe the guy, blah, blah, blah.

Meanwhile NOBODY believed Brady. Nobody. People were telling him he should just admit it before they knew any of the facts and even as he was saying he was willing to go under oath to tell the truth. People chose to believe Roger Goodell and the NFL with their long and storied history of lying and corruption. Yet now nobody believes Al Jazeera which is a reputable news network who is standing by their source and their story. Why? It’s the same reason that every little thing is turned into a major ordeal with the Patriots. They hate us cause they ain’t us. People never root for the bully. They never sympathize with the guy who gets all the girls. They hate Belichcik. They hate Brady. They hate our success. And no man has been on the business end of it more than Peyton Manning. He’s been our punching bag for almost 2 decades. The media weeps for Peyton. The lovable loser who plays footsie with the media. The bridesmaid who is rarely the bride. The guy who makes cutsey commercials and always says the right thing. That’s why they defend him. Because you can’t tear down statues that have already crumbled. It’s just a shame how hypocritical it all is. That’s the story. Not whether he did it or not because honestly who cares? It’s just shining a light on how disgusting the mainstream media is.