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#96 Dude Tosses A News Report To His Co-Anchor By Calling Her The Hamburglar


That look.  That first look when the camera cuts to her is the look of a person that’s going to commit murder within the next 48 hours.  She eventually laughs it off and says, “Oh it’s your birthday” and pretends like she doesn’t care.  That was all for the camera’s benefit and to show during her murder trial that she didn’t really care about being called the Hamburglar on TV.  She cared.  A whole lot.  Insult a woman’s outfit and you just signed your death certificate.  And to be honest, fuck that guy.  He reeks of the guy at every office who thinks he’s super funny and super cool but is actually a big time loser who nobody likes. “LOLOLOLOL I called her the Hamburglar.  Get it?  Because of her out fit?  Boom roasted.”