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Pats Fans Think Belichick Choosing To Kick Makes Them Look BETTER?? HA!

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So the dust has settled and we learned that this was actually the Pats decision all along, and somehow, some way, Pats fans are trying to spin this like its a good thing??? Hahhah! Listen right when the Jets won this football game at least you could try to blame the confusion on the refs. At least you could just say Slater screwed up and had a brain fart. But now you find out that big bad Bill Belichick actually chose this dumb ass tactic and that somehow makes you feel better??? Your coach willingly chooses to leave he greatest QB of all time on the bench in OT and you think its a good idea??? Bill decides that TB12 cant get the job done against the Jets??? Your coach makes the call to rely on his D and the Jets promptly stomp on your dicks all the way down the field for the W and youre still sucking off Belichick? You weirdos are even worse than I thought.

It was a bad call. A very bad one. It immediately blew up in your face. Its ok to say that, you delusional, defensive maniacs.

PS – This “we lost to you on purpose because we’re terrified of the Steelers” routine is not a good look for the Kill Everybody Tour. No matter which way you cut it.