Jets Host The Pats In A "Should Win"


Listen this one is pretty simple folks. The Jets have more on the line. They’re at home. The Pats are injured and most likely resting players. This is a game the Jets should absolutely one. Now, in my world, “should” is a precarious word. I’ve had a LOT of should wins in my life that always end up Ls. But the Jets are playing really good football. Fitzpatrick is playing great football. The cast around him is performing at a postseason worthy level. But the Pats are still the Pats and Brady is still Brady, and the Jets, well the Jets can still be the Jets.

But this is about as good as it gets for me as a fan. Lockdown SHOULD WINS baby!

PS – This sets up so well for Portnoy and the Pats fans. Jets win its because the excuse train gets fired up immediately. “Pats were resting guys!” Jets lose he thumps his chest about the practice squad winning. Fucking puke.