Oh Look It's PK Subban Being An Awesome Person Again




I think I’m officially a PK Subban fan. I could go on for the rest of my life saying “ahhhh I wish he wasn’t so awesome and likeable” but it’s time to just call a spade a spade: I’m a huge fan of PK Subban. I will always root against him when the Bruins are on the ice, of course, but I just can’t pretend to hate him because he flops on occasion any longer. Last year he gave 10 million dollars to this hospital, this year he’s building Winter Wonderlands and making sick children’s dreams come true. He’s also the star of the Road to the Winter Classic, one of the best interviews in the game, and a pretty fine hockey player to boot. I wish I could pound my fist and say “Goddamit PK, stop making me like you!” but I officially like him and my hands are too busy wiping tears to punch a table.



Note: I know this was posted. I alerted my editor who does scheduling (Pres), since it’s a division rival and Christmas we posted again. Yell at the computer until you’re over it.