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Kirk Was Mic'd Up During The Bills Game And It Does Not Disappoint "What a baller! What a baller! You guys are the best!"

As if it was possible to love Kirk any more, hearing him mic’d up just made him that much more awesome. I’m pretty sure he can motivate me to go out there and run a crisp route for a touchdown just so I can hear him yell “YOU THE BEST!” at me. And how about that 80 yard run downfield where he circled around and high fived everyone while throwing awesome fist pumps the whole time? Simply sensational. What a fucking baller. I hope the Eagles get to see this before Saturday. They’re going to walk out onto their own field with poop squeaking out of their pants. You can’t beat Kirk, Philly. You just can’t.

PS: If you’re going to be in Philly for the game (talking to Skins fans here) hit me up. Going to need all the body guards I can get.