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Rizzo Signs 7 Year 41 Million Dollar Deal With The Cubs


The Chicago Cubs and first baseman Anthony Rizzo have agreed to a 7-year, $41 million deal, sources told ESPN. Rizzo’s new deal includes two club options at the back end of the contract. Fox Sports first reported news of the deal. Rizzo, 23, is hitting .288 with nine home runs and 28 RBIs in his third major league season.


I’m a little nervous right now. Everyone loves this deal. The media loves this deal. Rizzo loves this deal. The Cubs love this deal. I love this deal. It makes perfect sense. No trade clause, reasonable money locking up a middle of the lineup guy through his prime, everything about it is fantastic news. Rizzo should be a perennial All-Star candidate for the next decade. So what’s the catch? There has to be a catch right?


In all honesty though, this is great news. Rizzo and Castro are now both signed through the next 7 years at a combined 101 million dollars. Or 25 million dollars less and 2 years more than the Angels gave 31 year old Josh Hamilton. Apples to Oranges, but the point is, these are the type of smart, team friendly contracts that can build a real foundation instead of just throwing money at the free agent du jour. Build from within (obviously rizzo was a trade), get younger, grab the big guys 2-3 years down the road. Dare I say the Cubs are showing signs of progress?


My Rirro shirts just went up in value, big time.




Double PS
Rizzo’s salad is quietly having an MVP type of season.