Bring Your Goggles: Steve Smith Will Be A Part Of CBS' National Pregame Coverage On Sunday

steve smith squirt


Here’s some great news. The best quote in sports is getting a hot mic before Sunday’s games. What’s better is that it’s the pregame show before a Steelers-Ravens rivalry game. Ya know, the same rivalry where Steve put a Steeler on his lifetime hit list just 3 months ago:

Now it’s a real shame he won’t be out there on Sunday to give Mike Mitchell what he’s got coming to him. But this is the next best thing. He’s got a good 8 weeks of vitriol boiling inside of him and if you get some good Ravens-Steelers talk going on set, I think there’s a pretty good chance he goes on a rampage and kills somebody. My money is on that smug motherfucker Cowher. Wouldn’t that be something? The Ravens are gonna get steamrolled on Sunday, but I can live with that result if Bill Cowher gets his face re-arranged. Better bring ice.

PS: A little part of me thinks the Ravens win just because Portnoy has been talking about how shitty the Steelers are. Wouldn’t it just make a bit of sense for Portnoy’s smug face to get to gloat around about how the Ravens, who are playing without something around 99% of their preseason starters, beat the Steelers? I am in full tank mode, I want the draft pick to be as high as possible, but once they snap the ball and the game starts, it’s reallllly hard to root against your boys.