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Charlie Sheen Says HIV Picked The Wrong Guy To Mess With. Really, Charlie? HIV Picked You?

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Enquirer -

DH: After your diagnosis, how would you characterize your emotional state?

CS: I was angry. I was in denial. I was in shock.

DH: Angry at who?

CS: Myself, the world. But that didn’t last long. It was shortly afterward — I think it was the second day — I said to my mom, “This disease picked the wrong guy.” If anybody can fight this thing and discover a cure, it’s me. I will exhaust every resource available to me. I will sit with every expert. I will move forward until something’s revealed.





I like Charlie Sheen and wish him no ill will. He’s entertaining and as harmless as an HIV riddled, drug and sex addict can be. But… come on, Charlie. HIV sought you out? HIV picked the wrong guy to mess with? Dude you chased HIV around for 25 years poking it in the back of the head saying “Hey! Hey! What’s your problem, punk? You wanna fight? You wanna go? Let’s do it! Swing first! Come on, nerd! Pussy.” Charlie Sheen begged to get HIV for decades and it finally swung on him. I hope he finds a cure, but don’t go around slandering the good name of HIV and pretending he started this fight.