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Looks Like NFL Will Exude Fairness Yet Again & Overturn The Odell Beckham Jr. Suspension

Well what did everyone think was gonna happen? The Madden coverboy/NFL meal ticket was gonna sit on a Sunday night football game with potential playoff implications? Hahahahaha. Beckham basically had to go full Mortal Kombat torpedo mode for the league to even pretend they were gonna sideline him.
I’ve said all along ODB was an idiot on Sunday & really needs to get his head right because he’s gonna be a target for as long as he’s a superstar on and off the field. Whether or not I think he deserves to be suspended doesn’t matter because A) special athletes get special treatment and B) who gives a fuck what I think. But if what Jaws reports is true then the NFL is gonna have quite the ratings boost Sunday night. And if the rival Eagles can help out on Saturday by beating the Skins, I can only imagine the stat line Beckham’s gonna put up on prime time to keep the Giants alive for their finale.
Or maybe Jaws is just a big mouth idiot.