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I Simply Cannot Believe That There Is A Stephon Marbury Museum In China

ESPN- Stephon Marbury is so big in China that he’s been immortalized with his own statue and postage stamp. Now a museum dedicated to the former NBA star is set to open next week.

Marbury attended the grand opening for the 300-square foot museum in Beijing on Monday. It is scheduled to open to the public next Monday. Marbury has led the Beijing Ducks to three of the past four Chinese Basketball Association championships, including last season, when he was named finals MVP for the first time. He averaged 29.7 points, 4.8 rebounds, 5.7 assists and 2 steals over the best-of-seven series, which Beijing won 4-2.


It’s stories like this that really make you wonder how we are losing ground to the Chinese economically.  I understand they basically make everything that we buy in their country and they are known to maybe throw a child worker or a million into a sweatshop or factory in order to get the job done for cheap.  But being a country that has a stamp, a statue and a museum for Stephon fucking Marbury clearly has some sort of a deep, fatal flaw.  Like a girl with a sore on her lip.  Or a Saved By The Bell episode with Tori in it.

As for the actual museum, what in the hell are they going to show in the exhibits?  I mean I am sure that they were able to scrap together a few And 1 Mix tapes worth of highlights from Starbury’s Beijing Ducks games.  But you have to dabble in some of his American past to fill an entire museum.  A timeline of KG’s brutal years in Minnesota because Marbury wanted out after 2.5 seasons.  Maybe a temporary tattoo station for the kids.  Or they could even model a recreation of that alleged backseat romp with the Knicks intern?  Those were fun times.

Actually I do have something that could be used in the museum.  My old college roommate once taped Marbury vs. Iverson on an old VHS, which was immediately followed by the 1995 Source Awards when Suge Knight and Death Row basically declared war on the East Coast.  This was one of my random proudest possessions ever until I realized as I was writing this that I could watch that game right now on YouTube.  Jesus I’m old.  But those old uniforms were siiiick.