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John Daly Set To Open His Own Steakhouse In Arkansas

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Golf- Have you ever thought to yourself “all I want is to eat at a John Daly-themed restaurant?” Well now you may get your wish. All it will require is a road trip to the great state of Arkansas. According to a report by Brandon Riddle of ArkansasOnline.com, a new restaurant called “John Daly’s” is being built in Conway, Arkansas. The 5,000-square-foot eating establishment will be filled with John Daly-related memorabilia honoring the two-time major champion’s accomplishments and impact on the game of golf. The restaurant’s CEO, Sam McFadin, told ArkansasOnline.com, “It’s going to resemble John’s ideas and what he envisioned as a steakhouse,” adding that Daly’s steak recipe and the John Daly, a drink described as “lemon sweet tea with a kick,” will be on the menu.



Mark my words. This will be the hottest ticket.  Not just in Arkansas but in the whole wide world. People will be lined up around the block trying to get it. Men dressed to the nines.  Women putting on their best Fuck Me cocktail dress. It’ll be an event. I will be one of the first people in line. I actually wanna be there when they cut the ribbon with giant scissors. A John Daly steakhouse is such a good idea he should’ve done it years ago. I can’t imagine a better time than hanging out at a John Daly steakhouse eating a delicious steak while drinking a 15 John Dalys.  That is my heaven.  Why was he blowing all his money in a Hooters when he could just have his own joint and eat and drink for free?  The biggest question is what the waitresses are going to wear.  My guess is they’ll be naked. Or maybe they’ll be wearing Loudmouth hats and that’s it. If I know JD like I think I do this place will be a mix of strip club and steakhouse. Does Arkansas have a law against smoking in bars and restaurants? Doesn’t matter. At John Daly’s steakhouse you will be free to chain smoke as much as you please. In other words, this place will be a paradise for degenerates. Count me in.