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Here's Steve Harvey's Miss Universe Blunder Mixed With Curb Your Enthusiasm Music



First of all, perfect.  The internet is undefeated when it comes to making funny videos that include the Curb Your Enthusiasm music.  This situation was obviously ripe for the picking given that it was most likely the biggest blunder in live TV history.  Second, an underrated part that I hand’t noticed before watching that video was the crowd going nuts after Steve Harvey says, “I have to apologize.”  They react like he’s going to say something hilarious.  And then he does say something hilarious.  He says they now have to rip the crown off Miss Colombia’s head and give it to Miss Philippines because Steve Harvey can’t read a notecard. That’s funnier than anything the crowd could’ve expected.  Still a great night.


This might honestly be the internet’s Mona Lisa.  It’s as good as it gets


Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 8.22.51 AM