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Muslim Couple Insists They Aren't Terrorists After Being Escorted Out Of Mall For Filming Stores.

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Dailymail - A Muslim couple were thrown out of a mall and branded as ‘terrorists’ on social media because their supposedly suspicious behavior caused concern among shoppers. Alan and Daphne Crawford, who were dressed in a thobe and hijab, were escorted from the Central Mall in Fort Smith, Arkansas, with their son on Saturday after customers saw them filming and alerted security. They had just finished buying $200 worth of Sperry shoes and a pair of Armani glasses from Lens Crafters when five police officers turned up to tell them they had to leave. Police officers showed up and told him he wasn’t allowed to record anything as it was against mall policy, so former Army infantryman Mr Crawford said he would happily stop and leave. However he claims he was only recording audio and the five officers were not needed to turn up and take the family out. He added that just two weeks before when he was ‘scouting’ the mall the first time, he enjoyed bacon-cheese fries, something he claims ISIS would ‘happily kill him for’ – as eating pork is prohibited in the Islamic faith. Crawford said he has a message for people who have posted about he and his wife on Facebook and others in the community that have seen them out. ‘Co-exist. Spread love not hate. This is what this world is about.


You know what this guy can do with his co-exist mumbo jumbo? Shove it up his terrorist ass. Like come on dude. You’re a terrorist. Couldn’t be more of a terrorist if he tried. Just casually walking around the mall video taping stores and the layout and shit? Openly admitting he “scouted” out the mall 2 weeks prior? “Oh I’m not part of ISIS because I had bacon cheese fries blah, blah, blah”. That’s EXACTLY what a terrorist would say! And let’s not even mention the fact this guy used to be in the military and then converted to Islam. Who the hell does that nowadays? That would be like fighting for the US during WWII while simultaneously trying to become a German citizen. No fucking thanks bro. Listen I got nothing against Muslims. Muslims are getting a bad rap from the crazy Muslims.  But have some self awareness.  You walk around videotaping the mall dressed in your Muslim gear?  Be more of a terrorist. You can’t.