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A Guy's Public Proposal To His Girlfriend Went South When She Left Because The Diamond Was Too Small

The Mirror – A man’s elaborate marriage proposal flopped when his girlfriend turned him down because the diamond on the ring was too small.

Cringe-worthy photos showed the man get down on one knee [in Chengdu, the capital city of south-west China’s Sichuan province] while hired dancers performed in front of her in an elaborate display.

[W]hen he went down on one knee and held up the box, opening the ring for her to see, she was less than impressed.

A screenshot of a WeChat conversation allegedly between her and a friend was later leaked online and published alongside the story.

In the message, the girlfriend says: “But he agreed to buy me a diamond ring as large as one carat.

“Why was this one so small? Is he so careless or has he ever cared about me?”

Her friend replies: “Don’t worry. Perhaps the bigger one will be waiting for you later or he hasn’t prepared it for this time.”


And here’s where it gets awkward:


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View post on imgur.com


Make no mistake on my stance here: This girl SUCKS, all caps. That’s a humiliating thing to subject a guy to but it’s even more awful that she thinks he’d somehow take this situation as a mea culpa and go get a better ring for a girl this ungrateful. If he does that, he has no dignity at all and deserves whatever she has coming.


But at the same time isn’t this kind of this guy’s fault? I firmly believe that a woman should see whatever engagement ring within reason as a thoughtful gesture and be so in love with the guy that it doesn’t matter anyway. But this guy HAD to know what he was getting into. You don’t date a girl who’d walk away from a public wedding proposal over diamond size without knowing every second of every day that she’s the type of girl who’d do that. Complaining about breakfast, saying she wants to go to this particular place instead of another every time you suggest anything, the overall sense of judgment instead of love, those have all been there. If he decided it’s worth the tradeoff because he thinks she’s so hot or has any redeeming qualities or he doesn’t want to die alone, that’s his call. But he knew this was coming and this is the life he chose. Time for him to turn his balls over, get her the ring she wants, and avoid looking himself in the mirror.