Ravens Rookie DT Carl Davis Tweeted a Pic of the $11,561.52 Rookie Dinner Bill

This is making the rounds today, as always seems to happen when a rookie tweets out the bill they are stuck with after the annual rookie dinner. And like clockwork it’s called “hazing” and “bullying” while old grumpy people say how bad it is. Zzzzzzzzzz. This happens ever year, on every team. These are adults we are talking about who understand this is part of the job. And 11.5k divided between a handful of rookies isn’t that bad. Yeah of course they don’t want to pay it, but guess what, Carl Davis and friends will be eating $102 steaks on Joey Bosa’s Visa Card next season. I can understand bullying as when Richie Incognito shits in your mouth and fucks your sister. I can see that being bad for team chemistry. But maybe….just maybeeeeee NFL players with million dollar contracts have a different understanding and mentality when it comes to $11,000 dinners than Jack in accounting.

PS: The worst part of this is Carl putting this on Twitter. Just don’t. Word to the wise: Don’t put anything having to do with money on Twitter. Now you get people talking about “why don’t they donate money to charity” and “$11,000 for a meal that could feed so many starving families around Christmas”. It’s just not worth it. Normal dullards walking among us can’t grasp that rich people do rich people things and that 11k for an NFL team to eat actually sounds rather reasonable. Putting this on Twitter causes problems, not the team dinner itself.