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Rene Rancourt Not Singing The National Anthem At The Winter Classic Is Some Bullshit




(Source)While everyone’s amped for the Bruins to take on the Canadiens on New Year’s Day in the Winter Classic, some others might show up just for the musical guests (some others). The NHL announced Monday that the lineup of performers appearing at Gillette Stadium that fateful day include Nate Ruess of the band fun., season 9 winner of The Voice Jordan Smith, Berklee-bred folk-rock band American Authors, and musicians from the beloved Boston Pops. According to a release, American Authors is opening the game with a set, and Reuss will perform during the first intermission. Smith will sing the national anthem accompanied by musicians from the Pops. (Which leaves most wondering where the Bruins’ national anthem singer Rene Rancourt will be?)


So this is the dude singing the national anthem at the Winter Classic this year? This guy?


Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 2.15.41 PM


You gotta be KIDDING me. I know the internet loves to get up in arms about largely menial stuff, but I’m glad I’ve saved all my outrage for this situation right here, a deserving one. Instead of getting American treasure Rene Rancourt and his fist pumps on New Years Day, we get this fat dude who kinda looks like a lesbian (and we all know, fat guys who look like lesbians are unbearable. I know one, he sucks). Are the Bruins not wearing black and gold either? Are we gonna put a bullet in Blades’ head pregame? What’s the goal song for the Winter Classic, a Ruben Studdard jam? My goodness, this is just disgusting and insulting. Kicking Rene Rancourt to the curb so NBC can promote the winner of “The Voice” is the most offended I’ve ever been in my life. My life has not been that difficult.