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The Guy That Went To The Funeral Of One Of His Haters Should Win All The Awards At This Year's Playa Haters' Ball



So I found this gem floating around on #BlackTwitter today and I am still roaring in laughter.  Now obviously I don’t know if it’s fake or not, but I am just blindly going to believe that it is true.  Because there is nothing more that I want in his world than to tell myself that this Brother Mouzone looking motherfucker put on his Sunday best to make sure someone that wronged him in the past had actually perished from this Earth.  That is just purely loathing another human.

Add in the tagging of the funeral home, the A+ emoji game, and A+++++ hashtag game (#DieHatersDie is great, but #RIPBozo is on a whole other playing field), and we have another #BlackTwitter Instant Classic.  HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE!!!!!!