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UConn Mac and Cheese Bro Traveled To Ecuador To Apologize To The Food Court Manager He Assaulted

NBCA former University of Connecticut student accused of going on a drunken, profanity-laced tirade about jalapeno-bacon macaroni and cheese was given a shot at having the incident erased from his record on Monday.

“I got nothing to defend,” Luke Gatti said to the judge. “I am entirely ashamed of my actions and that’s pretty much it.”
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The 19-year-old was given accelerated rehabilitation, a form of probation that means the case will be expunged from Gatti’s record if he avoids any legal trouble and complies with random drug tests. Gatti was originally charged with misdemeanor breach of peace and trespassing.

Gatti, from Bayville, New York, was arrested after an alleged Oct. 4 outburst in the student union and accused of ranting at and shoving a university food-service supervisor, who had refused to sell him jalapeno-bacon macaroni and cheese after Gatti was allegedly caught drinking in the Union Street Market dining facility.

The wild exchange was caught on a video that was widely viewed on the Internet. Gatti later apologized in a video of his own.
“At the time, I was, to say the least, very intoxicated,” Gatti said in his recorded apology. “When I watched the video a few days later, I couldn’t even believe it was me in it. I was just watching it, thinking, ‘Oh my God.'”

Gatti thanked the judge for trusting in him. Authorities were impressed by Gatti’s trip to Ecuador where the food court manager lives now, to gain his forgiveness.


And to tie a nice neat little bow on one of the top Barstool U Stories of 2015…maybe THE top story…we finally get closure on UConn’s Mac and Cheese Bro. Probation, random drug tests, eventually having it expunged from his record (but never expunged from the internet). Everyone can finally move on…well, maybe after we revisit the video above one more time and my favorite blog to write of the year, Drunk UConn Kid: A Short Film.

But by far the most interesting development is this trip to Ecuador just casually mentioned at the end of the article. I’m all for kiss-ass moves to make it seem like you’re sorry and try to get yourself out of trouble, but this is some next-level kiss-ass action. Or maybe he just really, really needs to atone for his past? Picturing like Brad Pitt in Seven Years In Tibet wandering through the mountains with a scraggly beard and a dirty cloak, searching out the former cafeteria manager you once verbally and physically assaulted for not supplying you with macaroni and cheese during a night of heavy drinking.

And how about the food court manager moving to Ecuador to escape from it all? Damn, I know things last forever on the internet, but the world has pretty much moved on man, don’t need to become a hermit in a village in fucking South America over it.