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Do People Out There Actually Think Julia Louis Dreyfus Isn't Hot?


So in part 2 of KFC Radio Episode 40 we had maybe the dumbest question of all time. Would you fuck Julia Louis Dreyfus. That was it. Would you fuck her. Again, maybe the dumbest question of all time. Who wouldn’t fuck her? I thought it was an agreed upon thing that she is hot. She’s like a hotter (much hotter) Tina Fey. A funny hot chick which makes her even hotter. Not a 10 out of 10 by any means, but she’s the type of woman where she just keeps getting better with age. Like if your wife looks like this at age 45 you did something right.


Am I wrong about this? Do other people not think she is hot? Is Julia Louis Dreyfus the most underrated chick in the world? This doesn’t mean she’s supermodel hot, I’m just saying that if we’re having people actually ask this question then something is wrong. That means she isn’t getting the credit she deserves. Mind boggling. Elaine Benes is hot. End of story. If you disagree you must not have eyes.