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How About Delonte West Coming From The Clouds To Tell Everyone Once And For All That He Hates Lebron James

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I don’t even know what’s going on here. Like if this is Delonte West trying to recapture a little attention and buzz then congrats, it definitely worked. But if Delonte West woke up and said to himself, you know what, today is the day I’m giving the people what they want, I’m going to officially tell the world how I feel about Lebron, well then that’s the most bizarre move I’ve ever seen. Delonte, your most famous moment as a player was when you had sex with Lebron’s mom (allegedly). That’s basically all anyone ever remembers at this point. You should be happy Lebron didn’t have you killed right then and there. Seriously, not to be a homer hot take guy but if Delonte did this to MJ, Charles Oakley would have him face down in a ditch by dinner time. Facts are facts. Be happy you’re alive Delonte, Lebron has that Nike lifetime deal now, you don’t think Nike can have people killed? Use your brain, idiot.