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London Commuters Are Being Threatened With Star Wars Spoilers If They Travel Without A Ticket

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LONDON — Any Star Wars fans based in London had better make damn sure they’re travelling with a ticket, because now that The Force Awakens is out the punishment is so much worse than just a penalty fare. To tie in with the release of the new film, Transport for London (TfL) decorated one of their famous message boards with the following, brilliant warning (spotted at Canonbury Station last Friday).




I hope this is really happening.  I hope if somebody is traveling without a ticket or they break some other rule that they just get Star War spoilers dropped on their heads.  Outta nowhere. Just ruin the movie for some unsuspecting commuter. Now there’s always the chance the person doesn’t watch Star Wars but the movie did like $18 billion it’s first weekend so 94% of the population has either seen the movie or plans to see the movie so this can work. By the way, I have an idea for those YouTube prank guys who make prank videos that aren’t really pranks.  You know the guys I’m talking about.  The ones who go to rough neighborhoods and drop the N word or they go to bars and pretend to roofie girls drinks right in front of other guys to see if they’ll do anything about it.  Ya know, pieces of shit. Well they should see the new Star Wars movie then hang out in movie theaters either yelling spoilers or holding up signs with spoilers. They should do this so we can watch them get their asses kicked by a guy wearing a Stormtrooper costume. It’d be awesome.